Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In other news....

Just a few updates and random bits from my life...

  • I made Cate laugh today. Not just once, but a couple times. It's the first time she's laughed. I think I'm more proud of this than I was of anything else in my life.

  • Speaking of pride, our standardized test results came in. In math and writing, exactly 1/2 my class got a commended score (meaning they missed less than 3 questions for each test) and in reading, I had 19 out of 22 commended. I'm pretty proud of that.

  • I'm more proud of making Cate laugh! :)

  • It's hot here. 100 degrees today. I. Love. It. Seriously. :)

  • One of my co-workers asked when I was going to try for number two. (Cause, you know, Cate's 12 weeks...it's time.) I told her it would be when we could afford it. She goes on to lecture me about how diapers and formula aren't THAT expensive. I stopped her mid-sentence and said "M. We have to save to get pregnant before we can worry about affording diapers." She was like "oh yeah."

  • There are 2 days of school left! It's glorified babysitting at this point. So ready to be done.

  • Did I mention I made Cate laugh?


  1. baby laughs are about the most precious thing ever ever ever. I was babysitting my best friends 20 month old daughter on Sunday and watched you tube videos of babies laughing. it was too sweet.

  2. YAY for making Cate laugh!! I'm SOOO looking forward to the day when Piper is more interactive (but still loving the newborn stage). Thank you so much for the congrats!! And, finally, happy 1 day left of school :).

  3. Enjoy your pride! Very cool. And enjoy your leave/holidays too.