Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eggs, Toes, and Shout-Outs

First off, I have a few shout-outs go give. Rach and Lindsay both have beautiful babies that you should go oooh and aaaah over if you're up for it. Seriously precious. And Rebekah has an early new arrival!

Foxy and Melissa both had wonderful baby showers for their soon-to-be-here babies!

Cherbear, Michele, Jenni, and Jackie are all either in the middle of their TWW, or about to start a new round of treatment. Go wish them luck.

Finally, go say hello to Auntie A. She just boarded the crazy MFI train, and could probably use some friends and well-wishes.

Now for the toes. Well, toe. I wasn't planning on writing about it, but it's pretty much the only thing on my mind at the moment. I kicked a desk this morning. Not on purpose. I turned in my chair to talk to one of my students, and kicked the edge of a medal desk in doing so. As soon as I did, I reached down and grabbed my toe, cause it HURT, but didn't look at it for like, 3 minutes while I talked to the kids. When I finally let go, my hand was covered in blood. I sliced my little toe open almost an inch. I put a band-aid on it, but it has been bleeding and throbbing all day. Probably doesn't help that I also managed to whack it another 3 times. Oh, it hurts.

Ok, now for the eggs. Egg donation, that is. Way back in August when I did my survey, most women said they went through their RE to find a donor. Unfortunately, all the research I've done and phone calls I've made have pretty much solidified the fact that most REs in the area use donor agencies. So, I researched those and finally sent in a preliminary application to one. They, in turn, send me about a billion questions to answer that are ridiculously hard.

For instance, one is "What does family mean to you?"

Really? What family means to me I can't put in to words, and every time I try, it sounds canned. Also, I have no idea how to describe myself, nor do I particularly think I have any talents or achievements to share. And, one of the questions asked for future career goals. How do I say I am perfectly happy where I am, and have no desire to move up into administration without sounding like a loser-y, lazy bum?

Ohmigosh. It's hard. Unbelievably, the hardest question is "why do you want to be a donor?" That shouldn't be hard. I know exactly why I want to be a donor. She's sleeping in her crib right now. Because everyone should have this. But how do I say that without coming off as crazy???

That's all I have to say. toe hurts. Now that's all.


  1. awww I am so honored!!! thank you for the mention!!

    I am so glad you are looking into donating eggs. Ugh to all the questions! You certainly know about the selection process and how you felt when you read honest things when searching for a sd, so I'd just be honest.

    When asked about your future career goals, say that you are just so happy being a mom right now, and that your current position gives you the flexibility you need to enjoy motherhood and be a great mom. That you are just happy in your career.

    And as for why you want to be a donor, I certainly don't think you will sound crazy for wanting to give others a chance to experience pregnancy and motherhood just as you did. You can mention that you dealt with MFI, and it's up to you how much detail you go into. I am assuming that your answers will go into your donor profile? And I know if I were looking for an egg donor and I read about these things, I would think "she gets me" and I would want someone who I felt understood what it's like to want to be a mom so badly and have to fight for it. I really really hope my suggestions help you in some way. And thanks again :)

  2. I love that you read so many of the same blogs as I do. These women are simply the most incredible ladies ever!!!

    I'm with CherBear as far as how to answer those questions... Just be honest - you are freaking awesome Julie and anyone who reads your profile will see that. Remember reading all of those DS profiles? It was clear when people were being sincere - and your reasons for donating are so sincere.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me!! Also, thank you so much for your kind and wise comments- they have really given me something to cling to:)!