Friday, November 11, 2011

genetics suck

I've been turned down as an egg donor for the clinic/company I chose. Because my dad and granddad both died of heart attacks, I apparently don't qualify, at least according to the woman who emailed me. She said that FDA regulations don't allow that many instances of heart disease/heart attacks in my immediate family.

I will say that: a) I didn't know grandparents were immediate family and b) I couldn't find anything about that in the FDA donor regulations that I spent over an hour reading last night.

I will also say that I am pretty upset about this. Wondering if it's worth it to try another place, or accept that I have crappy genes that no one would want anyway.


  1. Oh lovely. But don't give up, I'm sure every clinic has its own way of interpreting the FDA rules. I've seen (and I'm sure you've seen as well) sperm donor profiles that have ridiculous health backgrounds, and I would imagine the guidelines are similar...
    Either way, I know it probably feels like rejection in the worst way. And I'm sorry :(
    Good luck, and I hope you do get the chance to donate.

  2. What a disappointment Julie. I hope that you don't give up just yet. Maybe this is just a sign that this isn't the right agency for you to be using...