Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's been a While...

I find it hard to post on here.

I don't want to innundate everone with posts about baby baby baby nonstop. I was hoping to be writing about egg donations, but that seems to have fallen through, at least right now. I might try again in the summer, when I have a bit of downtime.

Before Cate, well, really before TTC, I wanted 4 kids. I had a whole theory on why that was the perfect number. I wanted a large family. I wanted all the noise and mess and chaos that would come with that.


I can't imagine why I would ever need to have another child.

I can't imagine ever loving another child as much as I love Cate. Surely Cate would be the favorite.

Now, I feel like we should try again, just so she doesn't have to be an only child. Everyone I know who was an only child hated it. More than anything, I want her to be happy.

I just can't picture life with Cate + baby.

Speaking of Cate, she is growing up so fast. It's amazing to watch.

Funny story: I went into a bookstore a couple weeks ago to buy a book, but I decided to find Cate a book first. So I took her to the children's section, and finally she and I settled on "Pride and Prejudice". (Did you know there's a children's version? It's a counting board book.) I handed it to Cate in her stroller and went to browse for myself. All the time I was walking the aisles, people were laughing at me. Finally, one guy said "starting her kind of early, don't you think?" and when I looked down, she had the book open in front of her, right side up, and was staring intently at the pages.

Then, since that store didn't have what I was looking for, I wend across the street to another one. They had "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo", so I decided to get it. Cate wanted to hold it, so I gave it to her. She opened it up to the middle of the book and stared at the pages. The cashier looked at me and said "little above her reading level, don't you think?" I responed with "nah, she just finished Pride and Prejudice."

The look on the cashier's face was priceless.


  1. LOVE the story!!! That's hilarious!

  2. Classic!
    My dad had a childhood oops where he went to choose his own book and he didn't understand the adult's reactions until it turned out to be The Tale of Two Cities and not "The Tale of Two Kitties" like he'd thought....

  3. Love it! (btw, I am in the same boat with you as far as posting and 2nd sibling stuff goes...At leat I don't have to "seriously" consider another baby for a little while yet! Good luck to you!)