Friday, January 13, 2017

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 Weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain? like, 12 lbs already!

Symptoms? No more nausea!  Thank goodness!

Baby Size:  A turnip

Sleep? Still pretty good.

Best Moment last week? Since I apparently haven't done this for 5 weeks, I'll give you lots of good moments.  We found out the gender, got to hear the heartbeat again, and I've been feeling kicks.

Movement? Yup.  Not often, but definite.

Food Cravings? Nope.  I'm constantly hungry, but nothing sounds good.  
What I miss? Yup, still missing drinking.  I'd just about kill for a bottle of Moscato.

What I am looking forward to? The anatomy scan at the end of the month.

Milestones? 17 weeks is pretty darn good.

How is Daddy? Who knows?  He's been working so much, I only see him to say good morning and good night.

In case you're's a BOY!  

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