Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bad idea

I did a dumb thing today, then magnified it by taking DH with me. I went shopping for kid's stuff.

Every year, my school has an angel tree for some of the lower income schools in the district. Parents and teachers are invited to take an angel and buy Christmas presents. I absolutely LOVE doing this. I think it's wonderful. I picked a boy and girl before thanksgiving, and decided to buy their presents while DH and I were out running errands.

We hit the kid's clothes section first. A couple shirts and some pants for the girl, then on to the boy's. DH had so much fun picking out the stuff for the boy. He kept coming up and asking "What about this one? Do you think he'd like this one?" He picked it all. We finished and headed to the toy section to find a soccer ball, and I realized that DH hadn't said a word since we left the clothes. And I know exactly what was bothering him.

We were both so sure that this year, we'd be buying Christmas presents for our own child, instead of someone else's.

15 days until the DR appt.

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  1. It's so hard to go through those milestones we set for ourselves. Two Christmases ago, I told D that it would be our last Christmas as just a couple. Two years later and it's still just us.