Thursday, July 14, 2011

Egg Donation

I've wanted to donate eggs ever since Jeff and I had to pick out donor sperm. Now that we have a baby and our IF treatments are over with (for now?), it's been on my mind more and more.

I started doing research on it today. I'm glad I did, since most companies have an age cut-off of 29. That leaves me about a year and a half.

However, there are almost a dozen local companies right here in DFW, and who knows how many nation-wide. So, I'm looking for women who have used donor eggs or donated eggs. I want their input on who they used and why. I want to be sure I pick a company that doesn't bankrupt the prosepective parents.

If they used donor eggs, I also want to know if they preferred open or anonymous donations. Some centers I've found require meetings before hand, and some are strictly anonymous. I don't think I care either way, but I'd like to know what those using donor eggs look for.

Thanks for your help!


  1. you are SO awesome Julie. Really. AWEOMSE!

    I totally would donate my eggs, but I'm too old now.

    Let us know what you learn!

  2. I had said I would donate my eggs too, as soon as we found out about hubby's problem and began our process. But now knowing my eggs suck, I won't ever be able to (and I turned 29 in June). Also my state doesn't even approve of ANONYMOUS egg donation. It's so strange!

  3. Not a reply to your question but :)

    Here, the cut off date for a donor is 35 and I STILL missed it! x

  4. My husband and I used an anonymous egg donor. We didn't go through a center, we used the egg donors that our fertility clinic work with. Maybe you could contact your local clinic and get information from them.

  5. My husband is also infertile and we used a donor, I seem to have unknown infertility, and we had a variety of issues when we did IVF. I have multiple sclerosis and after our one FET I had a relapse caused by the hormones so I learned I should not be pregnant and we adopted our daughter, but we had 10 embryos. I decided didn't want them used to research and I had made a number of online friends in the IF commmunity. I kind of checked around and found people were not put of by MS (there's only a 2% chance of passing it on) so I emailed my one online buddy who lives in another country w/many different rules that made her fertility/family building options very limited and asked her if she would be interested. YES she was and she is having the FET this summer in the US. She keeps referring to it as adoption, I told her they will be the parents if there is a live birth. I will offer any help needed medically, but they are mommy & daddy. I don't want to confuse my little one. I have mentioned it to her, but she's only 2 so I don't think she has any idea. Good luck w/your decision.

  6. So wonderful you are thinking of doing this!
    I used donor eggs and am soooo grateful to my donor! We used a donor associated with our IF clinic, mostly because the clinic is very highly respected, it was way less expensive that way than with an agency, and it was easier (and we were exhausted by fertility procedures by that point.) Our clinic required that donors be anonymous and that was fine with me.