Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Camp, Mini-Updates, and a Question

I've decided to participate in Calliope's Blog Summer Camp! I'm a bit behind, so I'll be doing a couple days' worth at a time till I catch up. I'm excited about this. If you haven't checked it out, head on over. It looks like a lot of fun!

Some mini-updates:
We took Cate to Kansas for the first time. We thought we would have to stop overnight, but Cate turned out to be a great road trip rider and slept the whole way, so we made it in a day. She was amazingly good natured about meeting so many new people and getting passed around. Then again, she is amazing. :)

She also changed her own bedtime. She was going to sleep between 9 and 11, depending on the day. For the past week, she's gone to sleep at 8. Her doing, not ours. It's awesome though, since that's what time she was going to have to go to bed when school starts again.

And the Question:
What should I name my new blog? I'm planning on starting a new one for the family that is Cate-centered. I'm going to very politely ask everyone I'm related to to stop reading this blog once the new one is up. No offense to them, but I find myself censoring things I would like to say. And sometimes, I find myself censoring baby-related stuff here. I figure two seperate blogs is the way to go. But I cannot think of a good name. So far, all I've come up with is "The Wild and Wacky Winkler World" which I know is absolutely terrible, and "Love, Honor, and Constant Vigilance" which Jeff and I like to say is our family motto, but really it's just one of our weird jokes. So help me out here!


  1. HI Julie! It must have been so much fun to introduce Kate to friends and family. It still feels like we are so far away from that day, but i know that its coming :)

    I think that a new blog sounds like a great idea - one for friends and family, and another that you can use to just get stuff out of your head. Do you think that people will respect your request that they discontinue reading here? I know that the people I've shared my blog with sometimes tell me that they feel weird reading it, like they are peeking into my private journal or something.

    No ideas for a name, I'm so bad at stuff like that. I'll probably end up with something like "Team Winkler"!

    Hope that you are doing well and enjoying your sumer!

  2. I wish I was creative enough to give you suggestions on a blog title, but I'm not :(. I like the two you already have, though, they're cute!

    How great that Cate changed her bedtime all on her own and that it works with your schedule.

  3. Hi there - hmmm, gosh, I can't think of a good suggestion either. Winklers' World... Cate's Place.... Cate's Castle :)...

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