Friday, November 18, 2016

9 Weeks, 1 Day

How far along? 9 Weeks, 1 Day

Total weight gain? I forgot to check

Symptoms? Still the nausea.  I'm so tired of it.  And the vivid pregnancy dreams are wearing me out.

Baby Size:  Green Olive

Sleep? Can't get enough!  Sleeping pretty well too, thanks to the anti-nausea stuff.  Except for the stupid dreams.

Best Moment last week? I actually had two days when I felt decent!

Movement? too soon

Food Cravings? milk and sushi.  Not together though.

What I miss? Not feeling sick.  Being able to go on walks and play with Cate.

What I am looking forward to? The next sonogram.  I've been getting extras, thanks to the OHSS, so the next sonogram is at just over 11 weeks.  I never get tired of those.  We'll finally get to hear the heartbeat, and hopefully see that my freaking ovaries have shrunk.

Milestones? I've made it 9 weeks and 1 day without throwing up! 

How is Daddy? Tired of me being sick, I think.  Also dead set on naming the baby Shadow.  No.  

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