Thursday, December 1, 2016

11 Weeks

How far along? 11 weeks
Total weight gain? 5-ish pounds

Symptoms? Nausea is marginally better.  Dreams are still nuts.  Absolute exhaustion.  Boobs hurt.

Baby Size:  Lime!

Sleep? Sleeping fine

Best Moment last week? I slept all week, so that was nice.

Movement? too soon

Food Cravings? I don't want food at all.  Forcing myself to eat at this point.
What I miss? Not feeling sick.  Being able to go on walks and play with Cate.

What I am looking forward to? Monday's appointment.  We're getting one more  ultrasound to check the size of my ovaries, but we'll get to hear the heartbeat.

Milestones? I've made it 11 weeks without throwing up!

How is Daddy? Getting a little more excited, I think.  Can't tell though.    
I missed posting last week for 10 weeks.  Like I said, I slept all week!  

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