Tuesday, January 12, 2010

team what!?

My dork of a husband has decided (after a long drawn out analogy that compares baseball to infertility) that we must have a team name by the time we go to the RE on Monday. So far, his suggestions have been:

The Ovulators (rejected b/c obviously, he doesn't ovulate)
The Sperminators (rejected for obvious reasons)
The Spermsicles (again....)
Team B.I.O. (Baby in oven......)
Team Knocked Up (rejected after I pointed out to him it would be team KU. He hates the jayhawks)
Team B.F. (stands for Brother F...well, I'm sure you can guess. In reference to possibly using his brother's swimmers)
Team AlphaBaby (I'm pretty sure he gets the giggles every time he says this)

I have tried to convince him we do NOT, in fact, need a team name, but he's stubborn. As of right now, we're team AlphaBaby, unless you've got something better.

Please tell me you've got something better!


  1. Very cute! What a fun way to deal with the stress involved in this process!

  2. Awesome! I think its great that he came up with that idea :) keeping the team mentality is so important, way to go Team Alphababy!

  3. I'm having to make my blog private because I've lost my anonymity, so shoot me an email at leslie dot blasig at gmail dot com and I'll include you on the list of readers. Have a good weekend!