Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some things...

I feel like I've been gone for ages! Instead, I just don't have anything useful or interesting to say.

AF finally started today. So glad I took Pro.vera, just so AF could come right on schedule anyway. I go in tomorrow morning for a baseline ultrasound. We're not doing anything this month except monitoring things. Oh, and an HSG test, that I guess will be sometime next week. I'm trying not to think about that too much.

For the first time ever, I got a Mother's Day card and Mother's Day present, from 2 different people, despite the fact that I am not yet a Mother.

The card was actually an email from one of my student's parents. She wanted to let me know that even if I wasn't a mother, I did so much for my kids (students) that she thought I should be told thank you. : )

The present was a baby toy. A pirate baby toy. It was from another student's mom. She told me that she knew I didn't have a baby and wasn't sure I even want one, but that the toy was too perfect to pass up. (All my parents are fully aware just how much I love pirates.) I cried when I told her thanks.

I now have no idea what to do with "Captain Calamari". Do I keep it out in hope that it keeps me positive? Do I put in the very small box of baby stuff I have stored in the garage? Do I put it in the future nursery? I just don't know.

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  1. *Tears*
    See I always think that when gifts come unexpected like that and when they show up in the form of something that you truly love or NEED at the time, that they represent the HOPE you need to have to keep going, to keep trying. I believe in Angels , Silly but true , and I believe that they come when you need to feel something beyond yourself,,believing FOR YOU. (Like me!)

    I would keep it of course. You can move it as many times as you want..near , far, in a box, wherever it makes you feel good..as many times as you want.

    I thank those women for celebrating Mother's day for you...for without even really knowing your journey and struggle, found a way to make that day a little eaiser for you.

    GOOD LUCK this cycle. !!!!!!
    *thinking of you*