Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why doesn't this add up?

Remember last week when I went to Dr. Wiz's office to see if I had any follies? And he told me that I didn't? (Well, I did, they just weren't very big.) I had my day 21 progesterone test yesterday as part of the monitoring, and it came back at 9.8. I have no idea what that means, but he said it was consistent with me ovulating.

So, Dr. Wiz. Am I ovulating by myself, or not? If I am, do I need to fork over thousands of dollars I don't have for injectables? Why can you not give me a straight answer for this? And why we're on the subject, why can you not remember anything I've ever told you about my history???

DH and I are going in for a second opinion on the 11th. I waited until school was out to schedule it. Hopefully, this guy will be better!

Side note #1: I decided to do an experiment this month, and I think it worked. Originally, Dr. Wiz said that I wasn't ovulating due to stress. So I started thinking. What, aside from IF, had I done that was stressing me out more than usual? Ahhhh... That's right. I gave up my Diet DP. I was down to one measly little serving a day, and I was a bitch. So this month, I started drinking more of it. Not back up to my old levels, but more than 1 little cup. And, da da da da! I ovulated! ( I realize that my "advanced medical degrees" in CPR and first aid do not qualify me to make medical decisions like this, but I really don't care.)

Side note #2: I decided to be a bad-ass on Friday afternoon and go outside barefoot to get flowers out of my car. It had been 95 since about 10 that morning, so the sidewalk was nice and hot. I realized it was too hot about halfway through the flowers, but thought I could tough it out. I now have blisters on the bottoms of both my feet. But, I am a bad-ass!

Side note #3: We still have 8 days of school left!! How is that even possible? It's two freakin weeks!! Ack!


  1. Yay for only 8 days! I've been out for a week now and I've already been having the "first day of school" nightmare where I somehow don't pick up my new class because I was too busy buying a doctor pepper. -sigh-

    Good job on going out barefoot -pats your feet- Hope they feel better soon! :(

    And there's never anything wrong with getting a second opinion. I ended up doing that with my OB (before finally just going to an RE).

  2. I once worked at a school with an administrator who always said that his job would be so much easier without the gosh darn students. Sometimes I wonder if Doctors feel the same way about their patients. How hard would it be really, to take 15 seconds to review your chart before seeing you? I support your instinct to get a second opinion!

    One thing I've done, and I really do believe that it has helped, is give every dr we see a letter that says how hard this journey is for us, asks them to be extra sensitive with us, and includes our picture. You know, I think I'll post it on my blog.

    Enjoy the three day weekend!