Friday, December 10, 2010

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 Weeks

Total Weight Gain? Actually forgot to weigh myself this morning. First Friday since I found out I was pregnant...Oops.

Symptoms? Heartburn still tops the list. It woke me up twice this week. Not sure of any others...

Stretch Marks? I have a bunch of small ones starting on my stomach. They're maybe as long as my fingernail is wide. They don't bother me as much though. I just keep telling myself they're signs Cate is growing.

Sleep? Awake constantly. Wake up to turn over. Wake up to pee. Wake up again for no reason. Must be God's way of training.

Best Moment Last Week? Jeff bringing home a teddy bear for Cate. (This would be a lot sweeter if you understood how important my first teddy bear is to me.)

Movement? I'm finally feeling her when I'm up and moving around, not just when I'm relaxing. She kicked all through recess today, and she's kicking now! :)

Food Cravings? Just the milk, which I think is more for the heartburn.

What I miss? My balance. Being able to put pants on without falling over. Being able to reach things on the floor. Being able to get off the couch without help. ha ha. Yeah, I'm leaving those, but adding being able to put on my socks without losing my breath.

What I am looking forward to? Our appointment right before Christmas. We should get an ultrasound again!

Milestones? Dare I say it? Third Trimester!!! Can't believe it's here already!

How is Daddy? Getting more excited, I think. I mean, he bought her a teddy bear this week!


  1. It feels like just yesterday that you announced this pregnancy! Congratulations on T3 already :)

  2. Info about Julie's teddy bear: Julie got "Bear" her first Christmas - she was 10 months old - from her Granny (paternal). Bear went everywhere with her, even on high school band trips. Bear got lost in D.C. and was mailed back from the hotel laundry where she was found. Today, Bear sleeps on J & J's bed and wears one of the baby dresses her Grandma (maternal) crocheted for Julie.