Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things that should happen magically...

And something that should be illegal.

Something that should happen magically: dogs should come trained. Really. Everyone teaches their dogs the same basic things: sit, stay, don't pee inside, don't destroy my belongings. I woke up from my nap today to discover that Kreacher had pulled a cushion off the couch and chewed a great big hole in it. There was stuffing everywhere. I am slowly coming to accept that, as they are, these 3 dogs will make having a baby in the house hell. We are meeting with a dog trainer next month who can hopefully help us with all of them. At the moment, I don't want any of them by the time Cate gets here. (I know that's mostly hormones talking. I love them all, but they make me so angry.) And really, if I can't leave a COUCH CUSHION unattended, what will happen to Cate's toys?

Something that should be illegal: Telling expectant mothers just how horrible life is going to be after the baby is born. I love my 4th grade team, I really do, but at our team Christmas party yesterday, I was bombarded with how I'll never sleep again, I'll never have any time to myself again, I'll never be able to do anything I want to, I'll never get to go out to eat or shopping, or to the movies, or ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. A baby apparently ruins your life, I just didn't know it.

Yes, I know my life will be completely changed. Yes, I realize that I have no idea how much. But really? According to them, there is nothing about having children, except when the babies occasionally smile. Gee, thanks.

Something that should happen magically: All horror stories about pregnancy and birth should be magically erased from an expectant mother's head or blocked from ever reaching in the first place. I swear, I stumble across a new one every day. The birth stories don't bother me too much yet, I'm remarkably good at avoiding what I don't want to deal with, but all the stories I've read and heard of pregnancy loss are driving me crazy. I was freaking out earlier today because I actually felt Cate move during the day while I was up and around Tuesday and Wednesday, but not today. My mind automatically jumps to the worst possible conclusion, even when I know that things were so crazy today, I probably wouldn't have noticed an alien popping out of my chest. I didn't feel her when I laid down for my nap either, but that could have been because I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. If no miscarriage stories had ever hit my ears, I wouldn't be worried. I'd be logical and calm.



  1. I'll tell you this. Having a baby is pure heaven. It makes life worth living more then ever. You get to go to the mall. And look at cute baby things. have people ooo and aaaa at them and the sleep is nothing when they smile, fart (yes its cute!) and hicup. I do what I can with kids. They are my pride and joy. They don't ruin life. They make it amazing. I hate that people say everything like its bad. I love it. The sleep is something you get used to. and honestly i don't miss it. I still sleep in when my husband is home and I catch naps when the boys nap. But life gets amazing when you have kids. :) Happy and Healthy pregnancy!

  2. I'm sorry you get bombarded with so much negativity at work. Ugh!!

    Everything is gonna be great, I just know it. :-D