Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Update, and video of Cate

Appointment went great today. Dr. P was only going to measure my stomach and listen to the heart rate when I asked her when our next ultrasound would be. She decided to measure my stomach and then tell me. Apparently, your stomach is supposed to grow about a cm a week. So, mine should have measured 28 cm, but since it measured 31.5 (holy crap!), she squeezed me in for a growth scan!

I am 28 weeks and 4 days, Cate is measuring 29 weeks and 2 days. She weighs 2.63 pounds already. We got the sonogram recorded and that's what the video below is. The first part is her measuring fluid and limbs, then you get to see her face! (Or you can skip it altogether. I won't be offended.) The green letters look kinda like they say MALE, but the sonographer checked, and she's still a girl.

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