Saturday, January 29, 2011

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 Weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain? 22 lbs. Although my mom says I actually look thinner, and that the weight is all in my stomach. So that's something...

Symptoms? Heartburn. Overwhelming sense of fear....oh wait. That's probably not a symptom.

Stretch Marks? Many

Sleep? Wake up to turn over, wake up cause of the heartburn, but other than that it's not too bad.

Best Moment last week? Not catching the flu with at least 30 of our students out with it. Believe me, that's a great thing.

Movement? Never get tired of it.

Food Cravings? Eh. Not really.

What I miss? Breathing. Being able to sit up to type and eat. I have to lean back, and I just don't do that!

What I am looking forward to? Finishing the nursery. It's almost there!

Milestones? First childbirth class is out of the way. 2 more, plus breastfeeding and parenting classes.

How is Daddy? I don't think the childbirth class scared him as much as it scared me. Which is totally not fair!

I went to the cardiovascular specialist on Monday, and they said my heart was "perfect", so we know that's not causing the dizziness. Dr. P called at 8:45 Wednesday night, while I was in the bathtub and Jeff couldn't be bothered to reach the 2 feet to answer my cell phone, so she left a message. She said I am anemic and to up my iron intake, and also to let her know if I have any problems contacting the other specialist. Since I can't find his business card, I would asssume it's a problem, but since I go see her on Thursday anyway, I'll just talk to her then.

When Jeff and I walked into the hospital lobby for childbirth class on Thursday, there was an L&D nurse just getting off the elevator, and she looked at me and asked "Is it time!?" Uhhhh. NO! Seriously. I still have six weeks. I shouldn't look this big!

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