Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did you really just ask me that?

There are exactly two people in the world who NEED to know whether or not I'm breastfeeding: My husband and my doctor. So why is it that every woman who's had a child (and some men) and some people without kids but who obviously know better than me anyway seem to think it's their business?

I find this much more annoying than people rubbing my belly. (Although, I was pretty annoyed when our former dog trainer reached out and rubbed my belly when we bumped into her at the store. She jerked her hand away when I looked at her, like maybe I didn't notice. Idiot.)

People just don't seem satisfied with my generic answer of "I plan on trying." They want to know why I would try and then stop. They want to know how long I'll try. They want to tell me all the horrible things that will happen to my daughter if I don't breastfeed her until she's 13.

Truth is, I can't stand to have my nipples touched. I don't even like touching them myself. While I'm praying to get over that for the sake of my child, there's no guarantee I will. It's very likely that I just won't be able to handle it and will have to switch to formula immediately. I am fine with that. I won't beat myself up if I can't breastfeed. But I may have to beat other people up if they can't butt out.

I'm sorry this post is so bitchy. Going back to school did not put me in a good mood, so the more heartfelt, less bitchy post I'd like to write has taken a back seat for a few days.


  1. I think your answer is perfectly acceptable and if people can't get that, then screw them. You are doing what you need to do for yourself and for your baby. :)

  2. I think you have every right to make the decision that is right FOR YOU!!! I'm not looking forward to BFing because it just kind of freaks me out. I will definitely try it, but, like you, I won't beat myself up if it doesn't work for me. People need to stop being so frickin' nosey and just mind their own business!!

  3. Oh, sorry that you have to deal with so many nosey nellies. Do you have some canned snarky replies that you can snap back with?

    Not to undermine your feelings, but I actually dream of breastfeeding. It is one of those things that I grew up around, my being a lactation consultant, and I have always dreamt of being able to bf my own babies someday.

    My bestie bf her little one, and it has been really hard the whole time. She used nipple guards for a long time and it seemed like they really helped a lot. A year later she is still at it, but says that it s still hard, and uncomfortable. It really is a personal experience and a very personal choice.

    At the risk of not minding my own business! I would encourage you to get a consultation with a compassionate lactation consultant early on. they might have some tips and tricks that make it a better experience for you, for as long as you decide to do it.

  4. I didn't BF and when asked if I would..I said No..because I didn't even want to entertain the notion. I feel like my bbs were always so central to who I was as a sexual woman, that having the boys need/use them for nourishment just really really freaked me out. BTW, my boys are smart and funny and right where they should be with cognition.

    I don't like when people ask that it tells them who you are..when it doesn't. I don't think you SHOULDN'T BF if you want to, I highly encourage it for women who are passionate about it. That first year in the life of your child is all about making your own way and your own family..WORK FOR YOU. If that works for you..then do it. :)

    GOOD LUCK< hoping those nosy nellies zip it ;)