Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor's note, please?

I had a doctor appointment today. (Loving going every two weeks, BTW. Doesn't bother me a bit.) I had four questions to ask her walking in, and she managed to ask me about two of them before I got to ask her. However, that was where the coolness ended.

Last appointment, I mentioned that I had been shaky/dizzy/lightheaded that week, and that the school nurse actually sent me home. Well, that shaky/dizzy/lightheaded business has continued pretty regularly since then. Dr. P said it's perfectly normal for pregnant women to pass out, but that the circumstances that are making me feel that way are not the normal ones. (It usually happens in the morning, it's not blood sugar or blood pressure, it's not a change of position, etc.) Instead, there are times where I can't stand for more than a minute, or, like this morning, I get dizzy while sitting in my chair. So, she's sending me to get a cardiovascular ultrasound and an EKG, and when that's over, she's sending me to a high-risk pregnancy doc so he can look at things. Oh, and she's running some bloodwork on me in the meantime.

While all of that sounds nice and terrifying, she told Jeff while I was getting my blood drawn that she doesn't think it's that serious and that it's probably just an exaggerated pregnancy symptom (not that I'm exaggerating, my body is), but that she wanted to be sure. Awesome.

On the bright side, I got a doctor's note excusing me from our field trip in two weeks, since the entire field trip is hiking around in the woods for a day. In February. That's one I'm perfectly fine with missing.

I call heart doctor tomorrow, and call high-risk doctor after I see the first one. I guess I'll let ya know.


  1. You better let us know! ;) Gosh, Julie, I hope that everything is alright. A doctor's note excusing you from the field trip is definitely a bright side! Sending prayers your way!

  2. Good luck Julie, I'll be thinking of you. Make sure Jeff is taking good care of you!!!!! I've got a field trip next Friday too... Medieval Fair! With middle schoolers! Should be an adventure...