Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally, something definite.

I went to the Stockyards with my 4th graders on Friday. Saturday and Sunday I walked. A lot. (At least it felt like a lot to me!) I went to work yesterday, but decided that mental health-wise, I was done! I took today off (even though I wound up spending an hour and a half there) and took the rest of the week off too.

I went to the doctor today and....I am dialated! Only a centimeter (and a wiggle, as Dr. P put it), but it's finally something! She also took some measurements of the kid, was surprised how much she wiggled the entire time, and was surprised how long her leg is. (She could only get one, with the movement.) She also thinks that Cate is about 8 1/2 pounds, and doesn't want her getting any bigger. So, if she doesn't come on her own tomorrow, we begin induction Thursday night!

It's such a relief to have something definite, a date and a time, even if it's just when I check into the hospital. However, it's awesome (and terrifying) to know that I will have a baby in my arms by Saturday. Mostly terrifying, now that I think about it....