Monday, March 28, 2011


There are soooo many things I want to write about. Aside from how in love we are, the top three things are: breastfeeding, the dogs, and our uncommonly good newborn. Where to start?

How about the dogs, since the dog in question is currently looking over my shoulder as I type. Remember Dobby?

Yes, that's me, pregnant and clothed, sitting in the bathtub with Dobby. Don't ask... :)

Dobby is our 90+ lb, neurotic Weim. Back in February, we hired a well-known dog training company to a) help us get the dogs ready for a baby and b) help us with Dobby's craziness. While the guy has really helped us with a lot of things, Dobby's behavior managed to stump him.

Dobby gets obsessed with things. One day while the trainer was here, he was obsessed with the ceiling fan. I took a video of him running around like crazy, the trainer took it to his meeting the next day, his bosses sent it to to the big kahunas. Bottom line: in the 50,000 dogs the company has trained world wide, they've only seen one dog act like Dobbs. And that dog had to be put down. Brain tumor. We're kind of at a loss with him right now. He needs lots of medical attention we just can't afford at the moment, but we can't put it off much longer.

I bring all this up because, like I said, Dobby gets obsessed with things. He likes to stand and stare for hours, like he's doing right now with the computer screen. And one of his current favorite things to stare at is Cate. I'm sure you can imagine how I like that. Usually he just stares and then runs around the house in circles, then stares again. But he has been known to stick his nose in the fire (literally), and occasionally tries biting the washing machine. I don't want him to think Cate is like the washing machine.

The other two dogs are handling Cate pretty well. Winky pretty much ignores her, and Kreacher just wants to sniff her all the time. I'm pretty sure Kreacher thinks she's a squeaky toy. Her hiccups do make her sound like one. :)

I'll stop here for tonight. Other topics can wait. But before I'm done, would you please check out this gorgeous girl? I'm amazed by her.

It's a bit blurry, but she's totally flipping the camera off. HA!


  1. Love your beautiful baby. and Love to read about your crazy dogs and how they are all getting along together.

    You sound so happy!

  2. haha did Jeff tell her to do that? ;)

    I really hope you can get a handle on the situation with Dobby. ugh, it's just so unfortunate that the trainer could do nothing for him.

    Btw Kate is just beautiful :)

  3. she is just gorgeous, wow, what a little doll!!!

    that picture just made my day!!!

  4. Zapping the paparazzi - I like it :)

    She's lovely. I hope you find some kind of a solution with Dobby. Hard to think of my furry kid one day having an issue (or a maybe issue) with my unfurry kid. All the best on that one!