Saturday, April 30, 2011

Debbie Downer

Pardon the "Debbie Downer" attitude, but this is a list of things that have happened in the last month:

  • Toliet broke.

  • Broken toliet flooded master bathroom, closet, guest bathroom, laundry room, and stair landing.

  • Soap dish falls off the wall of the shower, rendering shower unusable until it's put back on and grouted/resealed, etc.

  • We lose 2 boards in our fence, leaving a big gaping hole that the dogs fit through.

  • Upstairs AC dies.

  • Downstairs AC dies.

  • Toliet in half-bathroom starts leaking.

  • Battery in my car dies.

  • Hard drive on our main computer dies due to overheating (cause of the AC).

  • Jeff's pickup loses part of the tailgate, and a cover on the inside that helps seal the doors.

  • We recieve a hospital bill for $1,000 more than we were expecting.

  • I break the towel bar in the bathroom.*

I realize that it could be a million times worse, that there are people everywhere whose problems are much more serious than ours. I realize that we are incredibly lucky to have each other and our health.

But seriously!?

*I also realize that a towel bar isn't that big a deal, but on top of everything else it's just silly.


  1. oh man! You totally don't need all this mess, especially having a newborn (and even more especially so, because it was a long and hard road just getting pregnant...we infertiles should have it easy in every other aspect of life eh, if only that were true!)

  2. Sheesh! I hope that after this NOTHING goes wrong for at least 6 years :)

  3. WOW! That's a ton of things to happen at once. You poor thing. Hopefully things take a break for a while!