Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I guess it's time.

I was waiting for this post until I knew something definite. I decided that 6 negatives are pretty definite.

I lost all will power and wound up testing on Friday. I knew it was too early and expected it to come up negative. It did. So did Saturday's and Sunday's. Monday (yesterday? is that all?) was the day AF was supposed to start, so I took two, a cheapie from the dollar store and one that came with a box of OPKs. The cheapie came up negative. The other one had TWO lines. I couldn't believe it. I was laughing and crying. I was so excited! But, being the obsessive person IF has made me, I drove to wal.mart at 6:30 that morning to buy more that I could take at work.

Then, on my drive in, I started thinking that the positive test looked an awful lot like the actual OPK test. In fact, it looked just like it. My wonderful mood completely deflated. I got to school dejected and hopeless. I took two more tests at work, both negative.

AF still hasn't come. It's only two days late though. My mom keeps reminding me that there's still a chance, that home tests can be wrong. I guess we'll see. The doctor said to call when I got a positive for a beta test or when AF started. No sense in calling them yet.

I think I could have handled the 6 negatives. But for 15 minutes, I thought I was pregnant. That has made it so much harder.


  1. Oh, I was so excited half way through your post. The mix up with the test and the OPK sounds awful. Cheering you on until AF shows!

  2. Oh man! I was so excited! There's still hope!