Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New cycle

I had my baseline yesterday. I was told that everything is "behaving as it should." So I'm excited about that. Dr. Wiz is doubling my Clo.mid dosage for the month. I guess that will be interesting. It didn't really affect me too much last month, so hopefully it won't be too bad again. I go back in on the 22nd to check on my follies, and should have the dIUI that Saturday, provided everything looks good. So here's hoping.

Now I get to go through the fun of ordering sp.erm again. It's almost worth the $50 storage fee a month to have the peace of mind knowing that it's here. Maybe I can call them and just tell them it needs to be here by the 22nd. They can ship it whenever they feel like it.

Doubtful. I'll probably have to call and stress and worry until it gets here. Grrrr...

I'm excited about this cycle though.


  1. Glad all looks well! Good luck this cycle.

  2. Good luck! Thinking about you!