Friday, September 24, 2010

16 Weeks!! And my first give away!

How far along? 16 Weeks! Or, 4 months!

Total Weight Gain? 5lbs. I think either the baby is growing, or it's all the puppy chow I've been eating the last couple weeks....

Symptoms? My mom keeps telling me that I'm supposed to have lots of energy in the 2nd trimester, but I'm not seeing it yet. I have to go to the bathroom each and every time I stand up, which makes for an interesting teaching day, since I can't stand for more than 10 minutes or so without having to sit, but then every time I stand, I have to run down to the bathroom. Thank goodness I have a good class and good coworkers.

Stretch Marks? Still just the two, except on my thighs, where all the new ones are poppping up, which is still weird.

Sleep? I usually have to get up at least once to go to the bathroom, and I wake up every time I need to turn over. I'm also having problems getting comfortable, since I used to sleep on my stomach. And for some reason on Tuesday night, I clenched my right arm all night. Every time I woke up that night, my arm was asleep. I woke up Wednesday morning and my arm was so tired I could barely lift it. I felt like I'd been lifting weights all night.

Best Moment Last Week? I had 3 people ask me when I was due, without me telling them I was pregnant! Also, getting a bag full of baby clothes, and a pack and play for $45 dollars.

Movement? Not sure. I think I felt something Tuesday afternoon when I laid down for my nap, but it could've just been gas or muscle twitches...I have no clue.

Food Cravings? puppy chow and cheese. But not together. That's disgusting.

What I miss? Nothing, thanks. I'm good.

What I am looking forward to? Feeling movement and my appointment next week. I'm really really really hoping to find out what we're having.

Milestones? I made it to four months!

How is Daddy? Being a butthead. Someone needs to beat him up for me. He teases me every time he catches me looking in the mirror at my belly.

Allrighty, now for the giveaway!

When Jeff and I first started TTC, I got a fortune from a cookie at some buffet. It was an actual fortune, and I liked it so much, I kept it on my dresser. I even managed not to lose it during the move last summer. Then, a month before our successful dIUI, I got another one that I liked so much I kept it in my wallet. While I don't actually believe in fortunes, it's nice to look at these and know they came true. So, I figure it's time for me to pass them on to someone who's still TTC. But don't worry, you're not getting to worn out little strips of paper. Oh no, you're getting one of these! Giant fortune cookies!!!!! Yes!

"Oh Julie," I can hear you asking, "What do I have to do to get one of those awesome fortune cookies?" Well, that's easy. All you have to do is leave a comment and guess whether I'm having a boy or a girl. :) That's it! I'll compile all the guesses once I find out and draw a winner. All I ask is that if you win, but you've already gotten your wish, you pass the fortunes on to someone who needs them.

Are you excited? Cause I sure am!!!


  1. Wow, 16 weeks already. LOL at Daddy!!

    I think it's a GIRL!

  2. I'm guessing a boy!

    Boys are so much fun, but girls have cuter clothes, so it's really a win win no matter what your little one turns out to be :)

  3. that's hilarious- a giant fortune cookie. :-) stumbled upon your blog- i had my second little 9 years after the first. thought it would be easy the second time- apparently my body had other plans.

    i'll guess a girl.

    thank you!

  4. Mmm... puppy chow! Love it! I can't believe you're 16 weeks already. Still so happy for you guys!

    I say boy!

  5. I say a girl. since i'm hoping for a girl myself. :) as for the sleeping problem. try a this it has become my one true love. i'm a tummy sleeper also and this helps me not wake up so much.