Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of Little Things

I'm going to give you a bullet post today, since there's a bunch of little things I want to say that seem completely unrelated.

1. Ustoff is officially sitting on my bladder. I have gone to the bathroom at least a dozen times today, and it's only 5pm. I kept thinking to myself that this whole "pregnancy bathroom situation" wasn't as bad as everyone said, since I wasn't going any more than normal. Ha ha.

2. I am sooooooo hungry. And right now, I want potatoes. My mom's potatoes, that she covers in butter and then bakes in the oven for hours till the ones on the outside get all crispy. MMMMMMMMMM!!!

3. My feet smell. That, I'll admit, isn't unusual. What is unusual is that if I could find something that tastes like they smell, I'd eat a couple pounds of it. And that's disgusting, I know.

4. These past few weeks, I have felt really really lousy. And I have felt really really guilty for feeling lousy because a) I'm pregnant and shouldn't complain; and b) My symptoms have really been pretty mild.
I'm just not sure how to handle the guilt.

5. This entire pregnancy, I've been convinced the baby is a boy. Now, I'm thinking Ustoff is a girl. Absolutely nothing has changed, except my entire belly seems to be expanding, instead of just the bump. I literally look like I'm wearing a pillow under my shirts, wrapped around my torso. And I don't think it's weight gain, since the pants that wouldn't even zip on the first week of school not only zipped but buttoned today.

6. I have finally hit the point where I wish no one in the family knew about this blog. No offense, dear family. I love all of you. But there is something I would dearly love to blog about, to get the opinions of people who don't know us, without saying anything that might hurt the family I love so much. Oh well. The best laid plans....

7. I am having anger issues. Severe, lingering anger issues... Like, I would like to hit certain people with my car anger issues. Or maybe a baseball bat....I like my car. For example, while typing this I was thinking of my princiPAL who royally pissed me off almost 2 weeks ago, and my heart is racing and my hands shaking just thinking about it. It's usually really hard to make me this mad (although she deserves it), but harder to keep me this mad. I usually forget what I was mad about, or manage to laugh it off. I think it's the hormones.

Remind me to tell you about what my principal did...It will feel good to bitch about something not pregnancy related....but not today. :)

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  1. I am totally grossed out by your smelly feet comment -Ewwwww! and a little freaked out by your wish that your family didn't know about your blog... I just shared my blog with my best friend and my mom, and there is no turning back. Maybe you could do a guest blog on someone else's blog about the things that you don't want to share on here... :)

    Ohhh - remember to tell us about your principal did... (funny story but I will always remember that principal is spelled with 'pal' at the end because the principal is supposed to be your friend. My 4th grade principal Mr T taught us that in the playground one day.)