Wednesday, February 3, 2010


These past couple days have been so frustrating!

I talked to my RE's office last week, and we decided that I'll start testing with the OPK on the 6th. If I haven't surged by the 9th, I need to come in for a sonogram. She (the nurse) figured that if we have the sample delivered by the 8th, everything would run smoothly. Grrrr...

Yesterday, I hopped on line to order our swimmers. I hit check out....

And found out we can't order the sample from the guy we want. He's on the open donor registry, and apparently (although I haven't been able to find this anywhere on the site except the check-out) we have to sign a terms of use paper and MAIL it to them, they have a 3 day turn around, then, and only then, can they send us the sample.

That would push us back till March.

I talked with DH, and we decided to go with our second choice, who was only our second choice b/c he wasn't on the open donor list. So, I jump back on to do this (all during my 45 minutes a day without 20 10-year olds), hit check-out, and....

Find out there's yet another form we didn't know about. This one was just a consent form and could be faxed, but still. DH came and picked it up, faxed it off, and I called this morning to order instead.

My RE's office hasn't updated their new address, so now I have to call them, ask them to call and update, then call back and try once more to actually order. I'm worried that something else will go wrong and we'll wind up missing this cycle but still paying for it.

In other news, DH and I are very temporary parents to a 17-year old. One of DH's students got kicked out of his house, he's been crashing w/friends since Christmas, and for the past few days he's been sleeping in his car in the school parking lot. He's now sleeping in our guest bedroom until we can get him into foster care. He's a good kid who's gotten the short end of the stick. We're hoping he gets into a foster home in the same school-district, since he's banking on getting scholarships for his sport and graduating early. Keep him in your prayers.

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  1. So sorry about all the donor confusion! Praying that this cycle works for you and you get your miracle!