Saturday, March 27, 2010

By the Numbers

22: Cycle Day

7: DPO

17: Number of times yesterday I forced myself to close before searching for early pregnancy symptoms.

9: The number of hours I've spend playing Mahjongg to keep my mind occupied.

4: The number of books I'm currently reading.

2500: The number of times I've said "Good Morning" to my students this year.

220: The number of dollars I've spend on my morning soda since school started.

10: The number of people who have asked me when I'll know if the IUI worked.

10: The number of people who were surprised I had to wait 2 weeks, just like a normal pregnancy.

10,000: The number of trees in my neighborhood that smell like dead fish when they bloom. (This may be exaggerated a bit, but it sure smells like that many!)

5: The number of 22 oz bottles of water I drink a day. ( I miss caffiene!)

1 comment:

  1. My fingers are double crossed! I so hope this is your month! :)