Tuesday, March 9, 2010

well, Finally

15 days late, AF finally came.

Went to see Dr. Wiz today. Did my baseline ultrasound for our first dIUI!

Everything medically wise looks good. Bank account, not so much.

When we started this shindig, DH specifically asked how much this was going to costs, since none of it is covered by insurance. After getting a reassuringly low number, we sort of quit stressing.

I paid for the full cycle's worth of treatments today....it was 3x what they orignally told us. Apparently, he only told us the cost of the insimenation, but not anything else. Add on full pay for visits, ultrasounds, and blood tests, and suddenly, we have wiped out our very meager savings account.

Extra prayers that this works the first time would be great. Otherwise, I think both DH and I will be getting second jobs in order to pay for what other people get for free.

Sorry. Off the $$ bitch-fest and back to the Dr. I start Clo.mid on Friday (just before spring break, yay!) and continue it until the day my in-laws arrive. I go in to look at follies next Saturday, and hopefull do the dIUI Sunday or Monday. Oh, and I get to have a trigger shot of something that Saturday, but I missed the name of it. Any guesses? I want to say it started with a "P", but I could be wrong.

I find it hilarious that if we do the dIUI on Monday, I'll have to have a doctor's not for school, since we can't get a sub on the day before or the day after a holiday without one. And spring break is definitely a holiday!

I have also noticed that my mood swings seem entirely dependent on the weather lately. For instance yesterday: super rainy and so depressed I could barely stand. Today: sunny and warm and in a great mood, despite suddenly being flat broke. I should probably keep that in mind before writing horrible, dreary, negative posts.

Sorry for being all over the place. Needed to tell someone all of this, and DH is super pissed about the cost and it is currently impossible to talk to him. Maybe tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. Praying that it works the first time! It really stinks that we have to pay for something that others get for free. I try not to dwell on that fact...

    I'm so loving the spring weather. I'm over winter.

    If you feel comfortable, would you mind sharing how much the IUI will cost? We're not to that point yet, but it would be nice to kinda have a ballpark figure of what we're facing. You can email me if you don't want to post it on the blog.

  2. Les,

    I don't mind. Because we are using donor sperm, total it was just under $2000. The sperm was about about $800, and the total cost of this month's cycle is $950. The actual insemination is $300, but the cost of appointments, ultrasounds, and bloodtests without insurance pops it up. The office did tell me that without their "package", it's closer to $1800 a cycle.

  3. Thanks! Wow- I hadn't thought about all the appointments... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!