Monday, March 1, 2010


So, AF is now 8 days late. I took an HPT this morning, it came up "not pregnant", which I expected. Called Dr. Wiz's office. I get to start proges.terone pills tomorrow!! (I'm trying to be more upbeat...I think it's just coming off as sarcasm.) The list of side effects is long and scary. I am so not looking forward to it. But I am looking forward to getting AF out of the way and moving on to our first dIUI. I am so ready for it, and tired of it being pushed off. I guess it worked out ok though, since originally I think we would have been looking at an insemination this week, which would have been crazy. I already had report cards, a huge standardized test, and a field trip this week. Maybe my body just decided that was too much stress.

I realize this is completely unrelated and totally random, but has anyone ever had a broken tooth? I have one I broke years ago ( like 5 or 6) but it's never bothered me until this weekend. I guess I bit something wrong on Saturday, but now this stinkin tooth is throbbing to the point where it's all I can think about. I can barely chew my food, and reading aloud today was pure torture. Any advice?


  1. Go to the dentist! You may have cracked the tooth...ouch!

  2. Hoping for a successful March! :)

  3. Thanks for thinking about me. The appointment went well. The geneticist was really nice and helpful. We'll know in 2 weeks. I'll post something tomorrow. Praying that you get your March Miracle! :)