Friday, August 6, 2010

9 Weeks

How far along: 9 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 1 lbs.

Symptoms: I'm so tired! Sooooo tired! Other than that and a bit of heartburn, I'm good. And my boobs have grown a whole cup size. I almost have cleavage! :)

Stretch Marks: Not yet.

Sleep: Ugh. I am having the worst nightmares! And if they're not nightmares, the dreams are just really really weird. I'm always really confused when I wake up because the dreams are so realistic.

Best Moment Last Week: Getting to hear the heartbeat again and see Ustoff!

Movement: Dr. P said she saw him dancing!

Food Cravings: Milk. Lots of milk. I have no desire to actually eat anything though.

What I Miss: Sodas! I miss my half-dozen daily Diet Dr Peppers.

What am I looking forward to: Our next appointment in four weeks. I can't wait to see our baby again!

I'm still pregnant!!

How is Daddy? So excited. He's still telling every complete stranger we meet. He goes through every different way of saying pregnant that he can think of. The one that usually gets people is Watermelon under the Hood.


  1. Watermelon under the hood? That's a good one!!

  2. Glad to hear everything going well in your pregnancy!!!!

  3. I love the watermelon under the hood. It made me laugh out loud! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. CUTE..your hubby is CUTE :)

    it sounds like things are going swimminingly...that's fantastic news!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so excited for you! I am moving your link & would love to feature your success story! Here's the link: