Thursday, August 5, 2010


I went up to the school to work on my classroom for a few hours today. I forgot that all the furniture would be messed up and stacked and crazy hard to move. Luckily, a couple fellow teachers and one former student came in and did the heavy lifting for me. I was there for all of two hours, just kind of puttering around, putting stuff back in it's place. And I was SO TIRED. I left, came home and ate lunch, and wound up sleeping for 3 hours.

I was not expecting that. I've really been feeling pretty good, and thought a couple hours at school would be a cinch. Now, I'm really worried about being able to make it through a school day! I mean, two hours of putting markers away and making copies should not have worn me out like that! I wasn't planning on going back tomorrow, but now I think I should, just to get my body used to it!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll find something I can do while sitting, since I did stand for those 2 hours today.

Also, a few of the women I work with who I haven't seen in a couple weeks saw me today, and they all said I already have a bump! At 9 weeks! I mean, sure, none of my pants will fasten, but I didn't think it was that obvious. Not that I'm complaining! I'm totally excited to be visibly pregnant. It means I'm not imagining things!


  1. When do you start the school year? Hopefully when you hit the 2nd trimester you'll have some energy back. I'm glad I'll be 12 weeks on the 2nd day of school in my district, so hopefully I'll be able to deal with 25 six-year-olds better!

  2. I was tired the whole time...LOL , and I still am!!!
    I would start little , little amounts of time etc..and because you are not "sick" like I was...the 2nd trimester WILL be better, lots more energy etc.

    Hang in there, and we'd LOVE to see a pic of that bump!! Just putting it out there ;)

  3. I always try to go back to school the whole week before preplanning just to get my body used to it. Even then, I STILL find myself exhausted during the first two weeks. It takes time to get back into it after a long summer break!! I also try to bring more high energy foods into my diet, like blueberries on my Cheerios every morning, to help give me a little lift.

  4. Going back to school is exhausting to begin with so I can't even imagine how tired you are! Hope that you get more things done today without wearing out as easily!

  5. A Bump! Woooo- HOOOOO! Does it look like you always thought it would? I've dreamt of that bump for so so long. Are you going to take pictures of your bump growing every week? So Exciting! Yeahhh!