Sunday, February 20, 2011

Advice, por favor!

So, there are a few last-minute baby-related things I would like some advice on, if you have it. First off: baby monitors. I know, we have less than 3 weeks, we probably ought to have one by now. And we do. But it's an under the mattress motion monitor we bought at a garage sale, and I will admit I'm freaking out b/c 1. it won't work in the bassinet downstairs and 2. it only works in the crib, so if she falls asleep in her swing in the living room, I have no monitor. I need one that I can move around the house, preferrably with 2 parent units. Any suggestions?

Secondly: bathtubs. We don't have a baby tub yet, and have no idea what to get. A plain plastic one? The one with all the bells and whistles like a detachable shower head? Please advise. I have no clue.

Thirdly: (is that a word?) formula. I am planning on trying to breastfeed. That being said, I don't have a lot of faith it's going to work, and even if it does, I'll have to stop when I go back to work, because there is no way I can pump at school. Does anyone reccomend a specific formula? (Or bottles, or nipples, or anything related?)

I think that's it. At least for today. Tomorrow I might have another dozen things. You never know!


  1. Baby monitor- VIDEO MONITOR ALL THE WAY! One of the best baby items I ever received!! Not sure on a brand. I think ours is the Summer brand.

    Tub - we hardly EVER used ours. It's so much easier to wash them in the sink because they are so small.

    Formula - never used it, but my SIL uses Enfamil Gentlease and loves it (well, her baby does! :-).

  2. We got the Sony Baby Call monitor with two receivers based on the recommendation of two friends. ($50 on amazon right now) We opted not to get a video monitor because of too many stories of seeing other people's babies on them.

    We got the Primo Euro bath, on another friend recommendation. It has an infant side and a bigger kid side. My friend still uses it with her almost 2 year old. It is huge though, which is the down side.

    We haven't used any of these things yet, as I'm about a week behind you! Good luck!

  3. Another mom told me that you can buy an absorbent sponge thingie from Target that you can use both in the sink and in the bathtub when baby gets older. It's basically a big foam sheet that you lay down underneath the baby. I'll probably use that in the kitchen sink at first, and then a friend of ours gave us an infant tub that we'll probably put inside the bathtub for a little while.

    We received a baby monitor this weekend at our shower that has both a motion sensor and a regular monitor function. So we can leave the sensor in the crib, and move the other piece around as needed. I didn't register for this at all, I've never even heard of motion sensors. It says it will go off if there's no movement for 20 seconds - is that really how often a baby moves??? I'm afraid it's going to go off incessantly. I don't want a monitor to make me more paranoid than I already am by being TOO informative. This is the same reason why I don't want a video monitor.

    As for formula, I have no idea, but I think it's ok to just experiment with different kinds until you find one that agrees with your baby. I think they'll give you lots of samples in the hospital. A friend of mine at school has been pumping every day in her closet during lunch - she cut holes out of a sports bra to hold the pumps and eats/grades papers while it goes. I might try this system if I'm still breast feeding when I go back to work.

  4. oh wow, these girls make me look bad.
    The monitor we used was a ..OMG I cannot remember the name, but it was a brand name one.
    My best friend has a video monitor that they got as a gift and they LLLOOOOOVVVVVEE it...but she assures me if it wasn't a gift, they would not have "wasted the money" her words not mine.

    the tub we got was the blue plastic fisher price tub...that I did in fact use on top of our kitchen table for about 6 months and then I never ever used it again. It's been downstairs wiht our other things we never used again. If you give me your address, it's yours. :) By 6 months I had them in the sink and then at a year in the tub.

    I liked SImilac. They were on a Neo Sure for about 9 months because they had been in the NICU, but for the $$ and the coupons I used to get for was the one we liked the best.

    I know it's so hard to be 3 weeks out and wondering, but you'll get there, you dont have to HAVE everything before teh baby comes, and sometimes I wished I'd learned that and not gottne EVERYTHING, I should have gotten things as we needed that I had things I really used.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  5. VIDEO MONITOR!! I had a video monitor and the motion sensor one. I took the motion sensor one back because neighbor had it and the thing went off all the time. It seemed more hassel then it was worth. I have the Summer Infant one that has a hand held unit. Mine is 3 years old and I know they've updated it since, but totally worth it. When he went to his own room it really helped me determine if I needed to go to him because I could look in on him. Not sure I could have lived w/o it!

    For the tub I would go with simple.

    Formula...they will give you samples at the hospital. I breast fed until I stopped producing milk and then we tried several different formulas. My son had reflux so we used the special stuff, but I used whichever i had coupons for. Also, the store brands are A LOT cheaper. I liked Dr. Browns bottles and in the beginning my son had some suck, slide, swallow reflex issues so I used The First Years Breast Flow Bottles.

  6. Before you beat yourself up for not having everything bought yet for your baby, I have a friend who didn't even have a car seat when she went into labor. This meant another friend had to go buy it for her the day she was to come home from the hospital.

    Then she took 3 weeks to name her baby.

    Yes, three weeks.

    Love her, but...

    (this is my way of saying you are doing fine, don't freak!!)

  7. Sorry I can't help on the advice, but I have to say I can't believe she's almost here! So excited for you guys!