Sunday, February 27, 2011

This and That and Bad Advice

First off...

That's me, last week. Sitting as comfortably as possible at a local food place. I am whale-like. And I think I'm bigger now...

Any person who ever tells a pregnant woman that she should enjoy her sleep now should be kicked in the shins. HARD. While I will admit that my sleep has not been bad at all, the last week or so that has drastically changed. I would like to ask how I am supposed to enjoy my sleep when I have to pee constantly and every sleeping position is painful? Maybe there's a magic word I'm missing.

Went shopping yesterday with Jeff and my mom. Some lady at the fabric store told Jeff (not me thankfully. I would have just given her a deadpan stare. Jeff managed to laugh it off.) to NEVER teach our baby to walk or talk, because then all she would do is sass us and walk out of the room.

Thank you, Complete Stranger, for taking something we've worked so hard for and are still scared about, and putting a completely negative spin on it. It really helped.

Has everyone seen those "Mompetition" videos? I really felt like I was in one yesterday. We stopped at this adorable little children's boutique that we knew would be too expensive (burp rags 2 for $24!) but had the cutest clothes I've ever seen! Anyway, we were standing there talking to the employee/owner (not sure) and my mom mentioned that I've had a really easy pregnancy, and I was really lucky. Jeff dropped in that it was good, since we had not had an easy time getting pregnant. OH MY GOODNESS. This woman wanted to know exactly what we'd gone through, how many times, why we did IUI. We finally wound up telling her we used DS, which I found uncomfortable. Then, she sat and told us about everything she had to do to get pregnant. While I will giver her this: her road was definitely crappier than ours, it was not a pleasant conversation. What could have been a supportive, encouraging talk between two IFers was a competition over whose journey had been worse. So awkward.

My donut store lady says I have at least 2 weeks before I go into labor. She had a couple reasons why, but her English isn't so hot, so I'm not sure what they were. 2 weeks ago, I'd be praying she is right. At this point, I'm praying the doctor is. I guess Cate will decide.

I am leaving this minute to go put Cate's name on the nursery wall (or at least watch Jeff do it) so we WILL have nursery pictures up today!


  1. Julie skipped the most embarrassing part when the lady at the insanely expensive clothing store not only wanted to know why we couldn't get pregnant or why we used DS. She wanted to know exactly what was wrong with me. In the past the way I have handled this situation would be to explain it in so much detail that I would embarrass the s**t out of them and teach them about being nosey. This works really well when I start going into detail about the sperm samples and number of times, amount and the inspiration I use to create them. But this lady was immune to these tactics and wanted to make sure that the entire store knows what I went through was pale in comparison to what she went through. I didn’t know that infertility was a competition. Go for it lady you win, you get first place, I will be happy to be in the rear.

  2. I hate one-uppers. Anyone's journey is painful enough no matter how many cycles you go through or how much money you spend. Who cares what that heffer thinks!

  3. that's pretty insane. I'm sorry that ANYONE has to go through this mess...I'd sure rather be in last place right about now. Ugh!

    Do you have a baby pool?? I'm going to guess March 2!