Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nursery Pictures!!

Took long enough, I know. My camera's battery died before I could get close-ups of some things, like the ladybugs on the curtains and dresser knobs, and it's way too far to walk downstairs for more batteries, so maybe another day. But, without further ado....

Cate's nursery!

Jeff airbrushed the ferns and the ladybugs, and painted the letters. My mom made the bedding.

I am still not over how much I love the pink
and green damask material. I loved it in October when we found it, and I'm still crazy about it. My mom did an amazing job with the whole thing!

We found the dresser at a re-sale shop and touched up the paint. The knobs are hot pink with little black ladybugs on them, but you can't see it. I have all her headbands and hats stored in the baskets on the wall, along with all the oversized flowers to clip onto the headbands. :)

My mom also made the curtains, which have little pink ladybugs embroidered in the corners. I just realized you can't see the super-cute striped valances she made also. I will have to take another picture for those! Also, the lamp may be my favorite thing about the room, besides the fabric on the crib!

So excited!


  1. The room is adorable. and the green is so vibrant!!! I love the baskets hanging on the wall, what a great idea.

  2. Thanks Jenni. That was all my mom. I pretty much can't take credit for anything in the room but the lamp.

  3. I love the wall color! The bedding is adorable- your mom is so talented! Looks like everything is ready for Miss Cate to make her appearance! :)

  4. I want March 14th. That’s my B-day. I save wine cork from a bottle of ripple I was drinking to prepare for the occasion. So if the Mucus plug goes I have a replacement.

  5. Love the colours! -- it's gorgeous.

  6. so beautiful and bright and fun! I'm impressed.

  7. OH Julie, it's PERFECT, I literally squealed when I saw it, I love the green, I love the ladybugs and the whole room just says "this little girl is loved"'s almost time for her to move in there. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. WOW.

  8. Can I say that I'm SO JEALOUS! That room is freaking adorable - will you help me design our someday :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors - was just actually telling someone how much I love hot pink and can't wait to decorate a nursery in it :)

    The details are so perfect and beautiful. You mom sounds amazing, and we all know just how amazing Jeff is. (even though he is threatening to replace your mucous plug with a wine cork...) I think that there are a few, ehem, other things, ehem, that he should be doing to help get things started, if you know what I mean. hehe.

    Sorry that you are feeling so uncomfortable. Hang in there :)