Friday, November 5, 2010

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks

Total Weight Gain? 8lbs.

Symptoms? alllleeeerrrrggggiiiiieeeesssss. Does that cover it, or should I throw in a tissue? Seriously, I can't make it five minutes without sneezing or coughing, both of which cause me to wet my pants.

Stretch Marks? Still just the two.

Sleep? Actually been sleeping through the night.

Best Moment Last Week? Picking out fabric for the nursery!

Movement? A bit. I'll admit I'm nervous, because I still don't feel anything strong or regular. I do feel the weird fluttery feeling right below my boobs every time I slouch, but I also know she can't possibly be up that high.

Food Cravings? I would still like some green dip, but I guess I can wait.

What I miss? Being able to bend over and pick something up off the floor easily. Today, my students laughed at me when I called one of them over during a test just to pick up a basket for me.

What I am looking forward to? Feeling her move more. It would ease my mind.

Milestones? Movement!

How is Daddy? Slightly overwhelmed, I think. I started rattling off all the stuff that still needs done, and he looked a little dazed!


  1. You'd be surprised where she can travel. My little man was very tall and could stretch those legs into the weirdest places. (((HUGS))) she'll be more obvious about it all soon!

  2. 22, the time is just flying.
    Sounds like things are exactly as they should be..even daddy being overwhelemed :)