Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chill Pill, anyone?

I took an unexpected trip to the doctor yesterday.

Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine.

Mostly, (ok, entirely), it was me being paranoid.

I've been nervous for a while now, because I wasn't feeling Cate move. Well, yesterday made it 9 days since I'd last felt movement. Once I hit that number, I freaked. So I called the dr. and left a message at the nurses station. Thankfully, the office is full of wonderful people and I was called back in less than 15 minutes.

I fully expected a reprimand for being silly and paranoid, which probably would have calmed me down. Instead, they decided to have me come in that afternoon so I could hear the heartbeat and calm down.

I am extremely grateful they had me come in, but I admit it scared the poo out of me that they didn't think I was just being silly.

Long story short, Cate's just fine. I heard beautiful 148 BPM. The nurse practitioner said she's probably got herself turned around so her butt is facing outwards. She said if that's the case, I won't feel anything for a while.

Lesson learned: Stop freaking out. I have a perfectly healthy little girl in there who's just fine. Chill.


  1. Glad everything's okay! I know it's gotta be hard to not freak out after everything you've gone through to be pregnant with Cate! And I'm glad they didn't reprimand you for worrying and got you in so quickly to check things out.

  2. I gave you a blog award!!! Go to my blog to get the button to put on your page and to pass the award on! =)

  3. How Scary Julie! You sound like you stayed way more level headed than I would have. ha! It is nice that they could reassure you with a little check. My Bestie was a high risk pregnancy and she said it was awesome because they would check her all the time, and it was so reassuring!

    You tell that little Cate "no more scaring mommy!"

  4. Lesson also learned - your doctors are there to take care of you, and ALSO to calm your fears!!! I called when I had a little bit of spotting - and by a little bit, I mean literally one single droplet of blood, while I was pushing out a monster poo. I KNEW it was from straining, but I couldn't help be worried, so I called. They moved up my ultrasound, just so I could see that the baby was ok and not be worried. It wasn't because THEY were worried, they just knew I wouldn't feel any better if they just told me 'It's probably nothing.' So girl, don't be afraid to call if you're freaking out! They expect it, and that's what they're there for!!! Love you!

  5. it's always best (esp when you've waited for this miracle) to freak out...and get some attention, I'd have rathered someone tell me that I was being silly but doing an U/S anyway, then thinking I was and never going to get one..you know?

    In any case, i am sorry Cate scared you like that...she's a feisty one already...but I am also sooooooo glad that she is ok.