Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Bits

I am wearing my new feetie pajamas from tar.get. They have little penguins for feet, and they are fuzzy and comfortable and WARM. I luv feeties, and was super excited to see adult sizes at the store, since my old ones don't fit this year.

I am muy jealous of everyone hanging out in the cold in line for the midnight showing of the new HP. I so badly wanted to go, but I have my big meeting w/my principal tomorrow, and it's field day for the kids. Plus, Jeff is out of town, and this would have been the first midnight showing without him. So, I'm waiting till Monday when we can go see it together. I so hope no one spoils the ending for me though. (I've read the books, and know how it ultimately ends, but I don't know where they're stopping this movie.)

In class today, we watched "The Hoboken Chicken Emergency". If you've never seen it, go look it up. It is so cheesy and lame, but the kids love it.

Did I mention my new feeties have pockets? So cool!

I am soooo excited Christmas is almost here! I love the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love it all: the songs, the shopping for presents, the colors, the decorations... I can't get enough. My classroom is already decorated, and the house will be as soon as Thanksgiving is over! I have my shopping list all written out for almost everyone. I absolutely love going Christmas shopping! Only one more day of school and I can begin in earnest!


  1. I originally thought the reason we couldn't get pregnant was because of your "Feetie" chasity suit. :-)

  2. You two are HILARIOUS!!!

    really though, I was hoping to send you a little something, and wondered if you are comfortable sharing your mailing address. I wrote my post about the pen and paper challenge a long while back, and am slowly following through on it. You can email me direct at

    I also love the holidays - I can't wait for the radio stations to start playing Christmas music!
    xoxo - Fox