Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Dorky Husband

A couple weeks ago I finally worked up the guts to tell my husband I had been writing a blog since November. He was totally cool with it. And then, because he's a big dorky copycat, he decided to start his own. :) So, without further ado, I present my husband Jeff. Go see him and tell him hi.

Countdown to end of school: 8 days
Countdown to second opinion: 9 days.

Almost there!!


  1. I will go over right now :)
    LOVE THE NEW template looks Great :)

  2. Just became a follower of his blog- I love that he's telling his side. I can't believe you're having to go so late into June! Today was my last day with kids, but I finish out the week with teacher stuff. Praying for you to make it through these last days- they can be the hardest, longest days of the year! *laughing about the last sentence*

  3. Your husband is totally awesome to start his own blog. I worried too about telling mine that I had started a blog, but he was very supportive. He knew that I'd been emailing with a few girls on a 'secret' email account, and was supportive of that. We process this experience so differently and it can be really hard to know where each other are thru all of this. I wish that my husband and I could go out to dinner and movie with you and Jeff.

  4. Hey - My husband did the same thing...He's been reading my Blog since January, and has been talking about starting his own for the past month. He actually did it this weekend. I've checked out Jeff's blog - and now I'm his newest follower(until someone else comes along.)