Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Went to see Dr. Wiz today to see if the 150 mg of Clo.mid did any good.

He looked at my lining first. It is 7.3 mm, which he said is a little thin but not bad. Then, he checked the ovaries.

I have 4 (4!) follicles. One at 17 mm, 2 at 18mm, and 1 at 20mm. He was stunned. He said he hasn't seen someone react to Clo.mid that well in a long time. (And he thought I needed injectables.) He said we're now at risk for multiples, but we are moving full steam ahead! I take my Ovi.drel shot tonight at 6, and we go in tomorrow afternoon for the IUI. I'm so excited.

Keep us in your prayers!

Oh, and once again, he didn't know we were using donor sp.erm. He asked us how motility was. Way to keep up the jerk trend, Dr. Wiz.


  1. Thats great! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Oh Julie - This sounds so promising. I will be thinking about you guys!

  3. Yay! I'll be thinking about you! But ugh! Why can't he remember your situation? So frustrating!

  4. I'm here late, how did the IUI go?????

    I am SOOOOOO excited for you!!!!! Those follies sound awesome!

    I'll be waiting to hear how it went.