Monday, June 7, 2010

Would ya like to know Mondays (vol. 3)

Would ya like to know what I'm teaching today?

PIRATE BOOT CAMP! : ) That's right. With four days of school left, but grades submitted 2 days ago, we are making up our own curriculum. Since I love pirates and have a pirate themed classroom, I'm teaching pirates. We're making up pirate names, naming our ships, designing our pirate clothes (and learning why each piece is important), learning to speak pirate, and making treasure maps. We're also watching a short video on pirates and discussing myths vs. facts. I'm hoping to make it fill up 2 1/2 hours, for lack of something better to do.

Oh, and we're making a pirate book to put all this in. I'm so excited!

In other non-pirate related news:

I had my baseline on Saturday. Everything looked like it should. (Again.) Dr. Wiz actually seemed to know who we were, knew why I was there, and even remembered we were using donor sperm. Me thinks he got the medical forms request from our second opinion.

I told him we just couldn't afford to do injectables this month, so he agreed to do another Clo.mid cycle. He upped me to 150mg, keep your fingers crossed that it works.

Have you read my husband's post on Absurdism? I giggle every time I think about it. Mostly because infertility, and all that comes with it, is absurd. Completely.

Countdown to Last Day of School: 4 days.
Countdown to 2nd Opinion: 5 days.


  1. You sound like an awesome teacher who really cares about those kids. They are lucky to have you! and I'll bet they love these last few days of school.

    My fingers are SO crossed for you and Jeff that this will be the month. Then he can start having other absurd conversations with your growing belly and a little one!

  2. FINGERS and Toes Crossed for you this cycle.

    I LOVE PIRATES..and would love learning about them and getting a pirate name and making a pirate book. You are truly a wonderful teacher and person. Hope you are having lots of fun teaching them about your favorite thing..what a great way to end the year. Doing something that makes you smile.

  3. That sounds wonderful!

    Good luck this cycle....I am keeping you in my prayers!