Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ouch, kid

I had to apologize to my least favorite student today.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, teachers have favorites, least favorites, and twitchies. (Those are the ones that make us twitch just to think about.) "Fred" is really a twitchy, but I'm trying to be nicer.

Fred, bless his heart, was actually trying very hard to have a nice conversation with me, which would have been a first for him this year. But he turned around and asked me "miss, don't you want a baby?"


How is it that exactly a week after I broke down in tears and had to have another teacher watch my class for a full 30 minutes while I tried to get it together, this butthead asks that question??

Poor kid. I looked at him and thundered "THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS."

He gave me this look, like I just proved to him that I won't like him no matter what he does. Of course, as soon as I said it, I felt terrible. How could he have known? I know that. But it didn't make his question hurt any less.

I wound up apologizing to him after recess. I told him I was sorry I snapped at him, but that question was a very personal question, and maybe not so appropriate. Didn't really make me feel any better though.

In other news, my husband had a rough time of it today too. He's out of town, and one of his co-workers told him three times today "well, when you have kids...." Shoot us both, please.

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